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Boring stuffs are OFC that stuffs which are not interesting. There are many everyday stuff which are boring enough even when they aren’t ‘cringe’. But something is known as unique, and that unique can sometimes be cringe, definitely. But they are interesting, though. So here are the things which are a way ‘Cringe Unique’

Football With Broken Clip

Football isn’t a boring game, literally, not a boring game. But sometimes we might think to make it unique, ‘mazedaar’ as I think, so I have a game of football with broken clip sound cringe, isn’t it? But I played for half an hour without bore recently. It is simple, it is a one or two o whatever you say player game in which the player throws the paper clip from one side till he reached the opposite side. It depends on the size of ground and your force of throwing. The player who reaches the other end with least number of throwing wins the game… Interesting na?

Game of Stone (I recommend 9+ children only)

Pitthu as I call it, or it must be called with other names in other parts of our county, is really very much interesting game. No one can beat this game. No one will feel bore by playing this game. But I have an alter to this game, the stone game or the brick game. This game must be played in the presence of any guardians. I suggest the children below 9 years to not to play this game, as it may harm your leg. And also suggest wearing boots while playing and play with caution and don’t hurt anyone. This consist of a brick (It must be small). You have to throw it at a distant of 2 or 3m. The one who breaks it continuously will win the game.

Invisible cricket (It must be honest)

It is a game that I liked very much in my 6th class. It seems very much stupid but can be interesting… Me with my boys (Only me and two of my friends) we act like we are playing cricket. I mean to say that one person bowls with invisible bowl, batter throws the ball with invisible bat. And fielder catches that invisible ball. Honest must be there. We played that game till the lockdown takes place.

Balloon Cover:

Maine try nahi kiya aur tum bhi try mat karna… (I didn’t tried it and you must not try it also)


These activities are cringe but I am sure you will love it if you perform

This content will increase as I get the ideas… Till then Byeee…

~ By Subhransu Patra (Beyblade theme song ko hum karna kaise bhul sakta hun?)

By Subhransu Patra

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