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  • March 31, Fine until Evening

  • Evening

  • The fire building

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  • Introduction

    Living in Kolkata for almost 4 years or it is almost 5 years no its 4, or 5. (A Hour Later) Finally it is.. 137,548,800 seconds (approximate estimation) (Basically it is 4 years 4 months and 9 days). So living in Kolkata was fine for me. So I didn’t faced any ‘threating thing’ until March 31 2021. Yes, it occurred recently that is, 223,200 minutes ago (‘Iske website ko dislike marenge’). Basically it was 5 months ago. So let’s begin… Note: - This article might be short..

    March 31, Fine until Evening

    So March 31 was like that summer like morning, late morning, for me, as vacation was going on… I can’t basically describe the situation as it is too cold in Kolkata right now. But OFC it would be sweat wala morning… Afternoon was curse, I mean to say, the afternoon heat. I was on the rooftop and was letting clothes dry themselves. No sun but cloud. But you know clouds are more curser than the sun.No wind but only gray like structure on the top of my head. . Don’t know why but I saw a building which was old enough, and paints were torn away. I thought ‘how could the electricity be working on that old building, it has a fuse or an mcb?’ and such question were going on in my mind. I generally do not see the buildings in afternoon. I simply go and spread the clothes. Didi called me and obeying her order, I went back to my home…


    The Evening, the unknown after a while, known, devil.. Before that it was peace. We were enjoying the ‘tarbuj’ or what would you say?... ha Watermelon.. Most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I miss watermelons very much in the winters, the one thing I like in summer, is this, i.e watermelon. So eating with the fullest of my stomach level, we chatted with each other. Then suddenly, we heard a ‘bhat-bhat’ sound. We then saw smoke coming from the window. My father asked some of the nearby neighbourhood about this and they told us that the building beside us has caught fire, that old building.

    The fire building

    My father switched off the mcb switches. He asked us to go to the rooftop. Wewent there and found out that the building beside us had caught an electric fire. The people were in panic and some were requesting them from not panicking. It was like a bad dream. Since we are in Kolkata, we haven’t faced any issues related to this, this is, for me (cause I literally haven’t faced such issue since I was born) for the first time. However, after sometime, I mean to say after half an hour, fire brigades came and controlled the situation. So, after that, everything was fine and yeah fine 🙂. So, in the night, when I went upstairs, I found that the building was lack with electricity…

    Comments by me

    So it is this, I think it might be short and some offtracks will also occur, but I have also presented a new design for website. Give a like, comment and then.. till then byeeee…….

    Beyblade beyblade let it rip!


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